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About me

I’m Eva, a digital artist and character designer. My work consists of detailed character illustrations in a fantasy/scifi setting. I have worked on two visual novels (dating sim “Moncafe Romance” and an educational game about hysteria treatment in the Victorian era “Doctor Hysteria”) and am often commissioned to create D&D illustrations. I’m seeking a career within the indie game and illustration industries, providing my creative skills in a collaborative setting to tell meaningful stories. I am proficient in visual arts- art fundamentals, 2D digital illustration, character and environmental design, as well as programming- Python, JavaScript and machine learning.

Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania I moved to London in search of better education and job opportunities. As an immigrant student, integrating into an unfamiliar country has been challenging yet rewarding. I am grateful to have the opportunity to explore art on a bigger scale, learn from industry professionals and meet motivated creatives which fuel my own passion for illustration. In my free time I love gaming, crocheting and exploring Londons music scene. As of right now I accept commissions and am open to collaboration opportunities- if you’re interested please contact me via email.

Contact information:

instagram: @vooska_art


discord: V00ska #8457

London, England

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