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Client work

I’ve been taking illustration commissions in my spare time for a few years now. Most of them come from clients online, interested in a piece of work drawn in my style. At the moment most of the work I’ve done falls under the fantasy category, often DnD characters and fantastical creatures, though I’ve also had the chance of working on digital portrait paintings.

I tend to approach my creative work seriously, prioritising my commissioners’ feedback to create a finished product which the client will be happy with.

After receiving an illustration request I work gradually, starting with concept sketches defining the position of the main character and their interaction with the environment. Then, carefully choosing the colour schemes/values of the piece to set the atmosphere. Only when the client has chosen the composition and colours they prefer do I move on to finalising the illustration with rendering techniques, focusing on the details of the piece and the likeness of the main subject.

Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 4_edited.png

With every piece of work I create, I continue to learn and improve on both my technical artistic execution and communication with clients.

Portrait Commissions

I've always enjoyed creating portraiture art. Catching the likeness of a person with precise line placement, using shadow and light to make subtle mood changes and portraying emotion gives me much artistic joy. Observational skills and understanding what features make a person's face unique is a great challenge, but it's what makes art so exciting and mentally stimulating. Therefore making digital portraits is both satisfying and therapeutic to me. 

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