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This particular project had a broad creative brief with room to explore topics that personally interested me. Given 4 weeks to work on it, I decided to make a video game in the genre of a dating simulator. I collaborated with my best friend and hobbyist writer who helped me create the narrative and write character interactions in-game. For my game creation platform, I used a mobile app Kocho, since I work mostly in Procreate on my iPad Pro and it was comfortable having everything on one device. There was a slight learning curve navigating the platform and figuring out the choice-based game system, but in the end, everything worked out as planned. Perhaps my favourite part of the process was designing the characters and drawing the “winning” scene illustrations.

General plot

You - the player, are a poor uni student who needs some extra money, but you're in luck! A coursemate helps you find a job in a magical cafe. The manager seems nice and you get quickly hired. What might this new job bring? Just financial stability? Or… Something more?

Choose wisely to get a date with the character of your choice and for it to be a successful one.

Moncafe Romance playthrough(3 endings)

Moncafe Romance playthrough(3 endings)

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Game creation process

Untitled_Artwork copy_edited.jpg

Character expression sheet

Like with most dating simulators, I created many emotion variations that would be triggered by certain dialogue options. All 5 characters had 8 facial emotions with two dateable ones having an outfit change as well, during the date part of the game. In the end some characters ended up not needing reactions such as “anger” or “sadness” which made me realise it would’ve been better to draw them after the story was already finished.

Untitled_Artwork 1_edited.jpg

Game locations



Room_Background_ 4_edited.png

MC's Bedroom

Room_Background_ 2_edited.png

Botanical garden


Amusement park

Date "win" scenes



Room_Background_ 1_edited.png


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