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Digital Gallery

For this project, I chose the position of an investigator and explored the life of the fashion icon Coco Chanel. The brief required me to create a project proposal and then execute it to the best of my abilities. For my project, I designed and 3D-modelled a digital gallery space, which explores the backstory and secret life of Coco Chanel, through my illustrations. As a complete beginner at 3D sculpting, this posed a great challenge but in the end I managed to create a cohesive and impactful experience. I mostly used Blender and Procreate, and tried out Unity.


First gallery space concept designs.

Originally I planned on creating an octagonal shaped space, but due to lack of skills I ended up making the space rectangular. I did not end up using Unity for my final piece therefore I did not add an interaction element(as seen in the design) to the info walls.

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